Troupe Leaders

Rick Castle

Exec Producer and Emcee

Beatrix Hotter


Eve Riot

Choreography Mentor

Tart of Darkness

Tart of Darkness, Stage Manager for SLO Tease Burlesque Troupe

Stage Manager

Active Performers

Becky With The Good Hair

Blade Storm

Caramel Aphrodite

Corsair Derriere

Corsair Derriere SLO Tease Burlesque Performer

Crocodile Tears

Daddy Derriere / Vixyn Satyrias

Daddy Derriere or Vixyn Satyrias SLO Tease former Director

Former Director

Flirty Sanchez



SLO Tease Burlesque performer Galaxy

The Glamazon


Lilly L'Amour

Madam Minge

Mercury Queen

Miss Loo

Former Director

Poppi Fleur

Prima Rosa

Pussy Grime

Regina Flores

Rouge de Sang

Roxy Pescadero

Stormy Merryweather

SLO Tease Troupe Alumni

Dreamboat Willie

Eblis O'Shaughnessy

Kitty Kane

Scarlet Fifi

Selia Something

Former Mentor

TaTa La Fleur

The Zak Ian