Rick Castle

Executive Producer and Emcee

The moment when a new performer hears and FEELS the first big cheer from the audience, and they get an amazing rush of excitement, adrenaline, and self-confidence...

THAT is my favorite moment in burlesque.

-Rick Castle


SLO Tease started in July 2011 when Rick heard about a burlesque show that was supposed to happen in SLO while he was out of town - he told his friends to go and afterward they reported, "It sucked, it wasn't burlesque, it was two girls in go-go boots dancing on a pool table". Rick felt this was a sad turn of events, so he turned to his wife Fran and said, "Honey, can I start a burlesque troupe?" (She said yes.)

We've been putting on neo-burlesque in SLO County ever since, with the help, talent, and countless hours of dedicated effort from many performers, techies, house crew, and fantastic supporters.