Captain Jakalof

SLO Tease Performer

The Knotty Seaman - At Your Service


 When and how did you start performing?
One of my bandmates from God's Favorite Beefcake went through the Academy of Burlesque, and seeing her recital inspired me to be in their first ever Boylesque 101 class.

When did you get into burlesque, specifically?
Fall of 2009

Where do you find your inspirations?
Circus, metal, EDM and (masochistically) country music all drive me to find movement to express the trauma and joy of the masculine experience... also sometimes clothes or mild inconveniences demand the chance to dance in response. 

What advice would you give new performers?
Channel the things you cannot do or say in every day life. Respond to things the way your character would. It allows you to be more honest about your own emotions through distancing yourself from your internal and external judgement of not doing it "right".

Do you have a method for creating your numbers? Or is it all madness?
Insanity from the word "go".

Do you have a favorite costume piece? What is it?
A leather vest I bought in the garment district of Manhattan

Who are some performers you admire?
Waxie Moon and Ernie Von Schmaltz

What do you really enjoy about performing?
The externalization of emotion, and domination of hundreds of audience members at once. It is electric. 

Do you have a favorite moment from being on stage you can share? It does not have to be from a SLO Tease show!
Winning Burlesque Idol 2011 in Anchorage, AK. It was such an honor