David Blowie

SLO Tease Performer

 Hail to the king, baby 


When and how did you start performing?
8: I used to sing in church every Sunday, and was in all my school plays/musicals. Performed with local theater for several years.

When did you get into burlesque, specifically?
About 5 years ago

Where do you find your inspirations?
Music, movies, cosplay, video games, random stuff.

What advice would you give new performers?
Don't overthink it, get up there and enjoy yourself and it will show to the audience!

Do you have a method for creating your numbers? Or is it all madness?
Usually one of two things: a particular song sparks an idea that builds into a number, or a have a specific idea that get into my head I make a number around.

Do you have a favorite costume piece? What is it?
My trusty tearaway pants- the boylesque version of a little black dress.

Who are some performers you admire?
Lolo Brow, James and the Giant Pasty, Charlie D Barkle.

What do you really enjoy about performing?
It's a unique creative outlet that allows freedom of expression with so many different genres and ways to participate.

Do you have a favorite moment from being on stage you can share?
That first moment when you walk out/turn around and the audience goes wild.