Ryder Dimestack

SLO Tease Performer

 Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone 

- Stripped, Depeche Mode


When and how did you start performing?
Pretty young, I started off singing and playing guitar for my local church youth group in middle school, and then worked my way up to leading worship and performing in the choir. In my mid twenties I discovered the BDSM community and started doing Shibari performances at clubs and fetish balls.


When did you get into burlesque, specifically?
I'm pretty new to this, my first show was in the spring of this year. Late last year I met a performer who helped give me the confidence to audition. 

Where do you find your inspirations?
I find a lot of my inspiration from other performers and from movies or books.


What advice would you give new performers?
Um... I'm just figuring this out myself.


Do you have a method for creating your numbers? Or is it all madness?
Complete and utter chaos, and a bunch of luck. 

Do you have a favorite costume piece? What is it?
My boots. The loud thump of the heel as I walk across the stage to take position is exciting. 

Who are some performers you admire?
Jett Adore, Jet Noir, the jets in westside story... Apparently I like jets...


What do you really enjoy about performing?
That thrill of everyone watching me and doing something that captures their imaginations. 

Do you have a favorite moment from being on stage you can share? It does not have to be from a SLO Tease show!
The gasp and whisper of "boots" the first time I walked across the stage in the dark to take my position in the myths and legends show.