Wet Nightmare

SLO Tease Performer

 Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me?
When we all fall asleep, where do we go? 


 When and how did you start performing?
Ive always loved to dance at home and SLO Tease gave me an amazing opportunity to expand my style and build my confidence in my dancing. 

When did you get into burlesque, specifically?
I started burlesque in the first SLO tease show of 2019. 

Where do you find your art inspirations?
I’ve always had a love for dancing, but in burlesque I find inspiration in the songs I hear (the creepier the song the better). 

What advice would you give new performers?
Always bring what you love to do into your performance, but don’t be afraid to mix it with new styles that can help you grow as a performer. 

Do you have a method for creating your numbers? Or is it all madness?
Mostly madness. I let the song choose me and build my pieces around them. If I don’t like the song I’m performing with, I’m not going to feel confidence in my performance. 

Do you have a favorite costume piece? What is it?
I do a lot more simple costume stuff, but I’m looking to branch out and really get into a more creative looks. 

Who are some performers you admire?
I admire Carmel Aphrodite for her incredible confidence on stage and really knowing how her body moves. I also admire Madame Minge for her versatility and effort she puts into every performance. I think everyone in the troupe brings something new and exciting to their performances and I love seeing the different styles. 

What do you really enjoy about performing?
I’m newer to performing in front of people, but it pushes me to make my dancing even stronger. 

Do you have a favorite moment from being on stage you can share? It does not have to be from a SLO Tease show!
My favorite moment was from the doll piece I did in the Fairytales SLO Tease show. It was the first time I had performed in front of a crowd and the rush I felt on stage was amazing.