Stormy Merryweather

SLO Tease Performer

"The only thing a woman should chase is her liquor, and even that is questionable." 


Stormy is no stranger to the stage. She has been finding new and inventive ways to hone her craft on and off stage now for 15 years. Well, technically since she was a baby, she was baby Jesus once. Does that count as an acting credit? During her theatrical and musical training she developed a love for makeup and costume design which is seen in many of her burlesque numbers to this day.

Her favorite type of burlesque is NERDLESQUE.  Nerdlesque is the combination of something nerdy or geeky with something burlesque-y. Stormy is also a cosplayer and pop-culture sex-pert, so Nerdlesque is the perfect burlesque style for her. It makes her the Voltron of Burlesque. The Mega-Zord of Burlesque. The ...( I've run out of nerdy robot combinations to add here so I will stop).

Most importantly, she thinks burlesque is a great outlet for anyone of any race, size, gender or galactic alliance to perform to promote who they are and promote their bodies in a positive light. She is inspired by the classic performers of old as well as everyone she encounters while on her burlesque journey.  She is inspired by you! 

Also, Stormy would like you to know that she has evidence that Santa Claus, Krampus, Big Foot and Mermaids, are all real. Come see her in her Mystery Shack.... She'll tell you all about it.